[UK] Gwnaed yng Nghymru: About the Civity with a Welsh dragon [video]

Wales is known for its symbolic red dragon and some months ago, it was featured on a Class 195 DMU to mark a special occasion. This is how it happened.

“Gwnaed yng Nghymru” – in Welsh, meaning “Made in Wales” is the slogan that marked the recent opening of CAF’s factory near Newport in South Wales.

The event, that took place at the end of February featured a special Class 195 Civity DMU trainset. Special because it had a unique livery applied to its front car.  The video below shows how the Welsh Dragon ‘appeared’ on it:

While sparkling and colorful liveries are glamorous, the fate of the Northern franchise changed dramatically at the beginning of March, when the entire Northern fleet was nationalized and transferred to Northern Trains. You see the Arriva logos being peeled off in the video, a sign of what was about to come..