[UK] Northern’s first CAF Civity on its way to Velim (and Faurei) [updated]

The first CAF Civity UK for Northern Railway (by Arriva) was completed recently at CAF’s plant in Irun, in Northern Spain. It left the factory under is own (diesel)power last week, as can be seen in the video below.

The designated ‘195 101’ is now on its way to the VUZ Velim test center in Cerhenice, Czech Republic. Thanks to Torsten Klose and Northern Railway, we can follow the first UK bound Civity around Europe.

CAF Civity for Northern loaded into a ship heading north for Bremerhaven – Photo: Northern Railway
Northern’s CAF Civity UK unloaded on 16.03.2018 in Bremerhaven – Photo: Northern Railway

RailAdventure’s 103 222-6 taking Northern’s CAF Civity through Germany on its way to the Czech Republic – Photo: Torsten Klose

A closer look at the Northern class 195 in the Rail Adventure transport – Photo: Torsten Klose

Update 12.04.2018: Unit 195 101 is on its way to Faurei in Romania.

Photo: CER Slovakia
Photo: CER Slovakia