[UK] Eversholt Rail orders 98 trains for Arriva’s Northern Connect franchise

On 22.01.2016, it was announced that CAF from Spain will supply the new trains for Arriva’s Northern Connect franchise. This contract covers regional passenger transport connecting the major cities in the north of England, such as Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle. Arrive will lease the trains from Eversholt Rail. 

The deal includes four different types of trains:

  • 31 x 3-car EMU
  • 12 x 4-car EMU
  • 25 x 2-car DMU
  • 30 x 3-car DMU

All these trains will be in service in December 2018 (!). CAF will derive the design of the future electric and diesel trains from it Civity platform. A video has been made to give an impression of the design: