[UK] First Civity train for Northern nearly ready for testing [updated]

A second look (first here) at the new CAF Civity trains for Arriva’s Northern Railway being built at CAF’s Saragossa factory in Spain. The first one is nearly ready to start testing.

Exterior of Northern CAF Civity train being built in Spain – Photo: Northern

The building of the interior and exterior clearly progressed over July 2017. The shown carriage has got its coupler, bogies, windows and doors now. The interior commenced with the inside walls and ceiling being present. The toilet, most of the wiring and heating are in place.

Interior of the  CAF Civity carriage – Photo: Northern

Update 02.02.2018: More construction photos from Spain of the CAF Civity (Class 331) for Northern can be found here. Note that complete trains (multiple carriages) are shown in some photos.