[CZ] In the picture: The fourth TRAXX MS3 for ČD Cargo is out

Since the tests at the Velim testing circuit at the beginning of May 2020, there has been silence about the ongoing production of ten Bombardier TRAXX MS3 locomotives for ČD Cargo. But it only lasted until the end of the month.

More machines are being released by Bombardier (up til now only 388 001 and 002 were seen by us). Jakob Glomb captured 388 004 passing Hűnfeld on its way from Kassel to Fulda:

On the way from the Kassel plant of Bombardier: 388 004-4

ČD Cargo has ordered ten of the TRAXX MS3 locomotives in 2018, with an option of further 40 machines. With their full intended use in CZ-SK-DE-AT-PL-HU-SI-HR, they will complement the MS fleet of the operator, currently consisting of 12 Siemens Vectron locomotives.