[US] Video: Amtrak’s new Avelia HST reaches 165 mph

In February a first Avelio Liberty was taken to the Transportation Technology Center (TTCI) near Pueblo, in the state of Colorado. Now TTCI has released new footage of that train, which does not have then new Acela’s full design yet, while running at higher speeds.

Amtrak and TTCI proudly announce that the train has reached a top speed of 165 mph, +5 mph than the maximum speed with which these trains will be used on the North-East Corridor (NEC) as of 2021. For now, another six months of dynamic testing is planned to focus on various features of the new high-speed train: pantographs, railway dynamics, tilting, traction, slip/slide and wayside protection, brakes, and train control management systems.

Once the tests are completed, this trainset will return to Alstom for the installation of the interior.

click photo for the video