[NL / Expert] NS 1700s live longer: Strukton acquires more electrics

Strukton from the Netherlands has purchased three Class 1700 locomotives and two DD-AR double-deck driving trailers. The 1700 electrics will, like locomotive 1824 already in the fleet, be used to provide the pulling power for work trains in the Netherlands.

In May 2019 Strukton acquired its first electric locomotive, one of the former 1600/1800 series of the Dutch railways (NS). Locomotive 1824 got a thorough overhaul, a new livery, and a name; Nowadays ‘Nicole’ is regularly being used for transporting machinery and infrastructural materials supporting work performed on the Dutch tracks. Yet, the long-desired (and promoted) installation of a battery-pack in 1824, so it can be used non-electrified track sections, has not taken place. It is clearly not an easy thing to do, but in its new press statement Strukton makes clear it is not giving up:

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