[PL / Expert] Inside Nowy Sacz: Visiting the Newag factory

Did we already mention, we like visiting factories? Oh, yes, we do. Time for another inside adventure! The occasion of saying goodbye to the first Newag Griffin locomotives also gave us the chance to have a look inside Newag’s Nowy Sacz factory. This is the place where Griffins, Dragons, and Impulses are being built.

Newag is one of the two most relevant suppliers of locomotives and multiple units in the country, Pesa being the other one. After we participated at the official party of departure of the first 8 Griffin locomotives, that left for Warsaw, we used the opportunity to visit the factory – placed just across the railway station.

Already on the way to the plant, we have noticed two Dragon locomotives – one with STK logos and one for local ROSCO company CargoUnit. Next, there was an Impuls from Koleje Dolnoslaskie, visiting Nowy Sacz for a revision:

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