[PL] E6ACTa-016: The next Dragon 2 is for Industrial Division

New in Poland, a Dragon 2 locomotive for Industrial Division. The first details:

At the end of July, Dragon 2 number 016 was seen for the first time. This machine, the designated E6ACTa-016 has the livery of Industrial Division’s ‘CargoUnit’ brand – the logos are still missing though. Anyway, it is a new lease locomotive for Poland.

The combination of Newag six-axle locomotive and CargoUnit branding is not entirely new. Industrial Division also owns the first Dragons that were built in the early 00s: E6ACT 001-004 of which the first one has the CargoUnit livery.

Industrial Division E6ACTa-016 – Biadoliny – Bogumiłowice – 14.08.2019 – Koss Boch