[PL] Series ET25 – Newag Dragon2 now in PKP livery

PKP Cargo has published an image of a Newag Dragon 2 locomotive in its corporate colours. ‘ET25’ is the PKP Cargo designation for Newag’s, recently updated, six-axle electric. Newag presented the E6ACTa alias ‘Dragon 2’ to the public during InnoTrans 2018.

Photo: Konstantin Planinski

The Polish operator states it will add this type of locomotive to its fleet. Fans can come up with a new nick name for the ET25, suggestions should relate to modernity and speed.

Remarkable: PKP Cargo is using its blue/lime corporate colours again. When the Vectron locomotives were delivered, it was decided to introduce a new grey/red design – but only one ET22 electric and 15 Vectron got this paint scheme.

ET25 is the designation of the new Dragon 2 locomotives for PKP Cargo – Photo: Newag via PKP Cargo FB