[PL] Newag’s E6ACTa fleet is growing [updated]

The number of red/grey painted Newag E6ACTa electrics is growing. Although E6ACTa 001/002/003 were sold to PKP Cargo and got a repaint, new machines are being outshopped ‘as we speak’. 

Originally posted on 22.12.2019 – Updated on 24.01.2019 – Our thanks goes out to Andrzej Krawaciarz and Adam Kupniewski for their pictures.

Freight operators STK from Wrocław and CTL Logistics from Katowice have recently added the newest red/grey painted Newag machines to their fleet.

E6ACTa fleet breakdown:

  • PKP Cargo: 001-003
  • STK: 004-006
  • CTL Logistics: 007 and 008

A fresh picture of E6ACTa-004 with the logos of Polish freight operator STK:

Newag > STK E6ACTa-004 passing through Opole Główne on 23.01.2019 – Photo: Adam Kupniewski
Newag > CTL Logistics E6ACTa-007 in Gromnik on 20.12.2018 – Photo: Andrzej Krawaciarz