[EU] MRCE’s LWR-themed Vectron now in service for boxXpress

Remember that special-themed MRCE Vectron which was in the spotlight during the Locomotive Workshop Rotterdam (LWR) opening in the Netherlands? We do, and since its first gig in November 2019 the locomotive has remained hidden. Now, it re-appears:

A fresh scenic picture from the Netherlands shows MRCE’s X4 E-717 pulling a container shuttle through the municipality of Helmond. The train is currently being operated by German company boxXpress, normally known for its white-blue livery.

We thank Arnold de Vries for the nice picture. He makes excellent photos and was one of the first to catch the new MRCE>Raillogix Vectron with his camera.

MRCE > boxXpress 193 717 with a container shuttle from Wörth to Rotterdam passing through Helmond (NL), 03.03.2020 Photo credit: Arnold de Vries

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