[HU] Upping availability: MAV Start Talent now in white, blue and yellow

There was a time red was the color for new trainsets in Hungary. Bombardier’s Talent EMUs came in red, the first batches of Stadler FLIRTs came in red. But the standard has changed, the newer FLIRTs were blue/white, the KISSs come in blue/white, even an Austrian 5047 got this color combination recently.

In April, we wrote about the low availability of MAV’s Talent EMUs (series 425, only 3-4 operational on average) and how this will be improved during the next two years. MÁV-START, MÁV Vagon, and the ÖBB are now working on the major overhaul of the Talents. During the overhaul, the interiors of the trains are refreshed, and they get the blue/white design with yellow doors (which looks a bit Dutch).

Now it is time to show you a refurbished TMAV-Start talent: Herbert Pschill shot 425 003 last week, in its new look, Bruck an der Leitha on 30.11.2019:

Refurbished MAV-Start EMU 425 003 in blue and white – Bruck an der Leitha 30.11.2019 – Herbert Pschill
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