[AT] ÖBB: CityJet, CityJet, Desiro and Talent as CityJet [updated]

Today the Austrian railways (ÖBB Personenverkehr) presented its refreshed Desiro and Talent regional trains at Wien Westbahnhof. Together with a Desiro ML EMU both train types were on display. To be more precise: Desiro DMU no. 5022 003 and Talent EMU no. 4124 003 were on display together with ÖBB 4746 006.

Earlier this year, ÖBB announced it was going to apply the CityJet branding on several train types used for regional and suburban services. The Desiro (series 5022) and Talent (series 4023, 4024, 4124) trains are the first two type to get a restyle, a new livery, new seats and a new passenger information systems. Later on, also double deck push-pull rakes will be restyled. The CityJet brand was designed for the new Desiro ML EMUs currently being delivered by Siemens (series 4744 and 4746).

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The CityJet branding is a combination of a bright white, orange and red exterior design, with an interior in bright red and dark grey. The ÖBB is ‘Jetting’ its whole passenger fleet; the night trains are branded NightJet now, and it all started with the new standard Intercity/Eurocity rolling stock that entered service as the new RailJet trains category.

By the way, also the new Bombardier Talent3 trains for the Vorarlberg region will have the CityJet livery

Update: 19.11.2017 a good walk through video of the restyled train types, showing the updated interior design can be found here.

This month ÖBB started to apply the CityJet design on existing rolling stock for regional services. ÖBB 5022 001 was the first seen in a new design, as you see in the first pictures below. Compared to the Desiro ML, the CityJet logos and icons are smaller and it looks like it has been more difficult to define the proper placement. Decide for yourself:

Old 5022 036 vs new 5022 001 – CityShuttle vs CityJet – 03.11.2017 – Wiener Neustadt – Photo: Herbert Pschill
OBB 5022 001 at Gutenstein on 03.11.2017 – Photo: Herbert Pschill

Images made on 17.11.2017 at Wien Westbahnhof:

The new Desiro ML – the original CityJet – ÖBB 4746 006 – 17.11.2017 Wien Westbahnhof – Photo: Herbert Pschill

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Talent vs Desiro – Photo: Herbert Pschill
Talent in CityJet design – Photo: Herbert Pschill
Desiro in CityJet design – Photo: Herbert Pschill

Update 19.11.2017: The ÖBB has released an official press statement about the CityJet fleet ‘upgrade’, including a good image of the new interior of the Talent EMU.

The ÖBB is rebuilding all its Desiro DMUs (60 units) and Talent EMUs (187 units) as CityJet trains. This will take until 2022. The Talent trains get a real-time passenger information system and free wifi.

Photo: ÖBB

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