[DE] Breaking: This is the first customer for the Vectron Dual Mode

The ‘Dual mode’ is a new member of Siemens’ Vectron product family. The project was officially presented during InnoTrans 2018 and this year two testbed locomotives were completed and sent away for testing. Now, Siemens shares it has found a first client, which ordered two locomotives of the type. This is Railsystems RP GmbH from Germany.

248 002 of Siemens Photo: Wolfgang Scheer

“With the Vectron Dual Mode, Railsystems RP GmbH is getting a locomotive that combines the best of two worlds: On electrified routes, the Vectron Dual Mode is powered by electricity to save fuel and reduce maintenance costs. On rail routes without overhead wires, the Vectron can shift to diesel operation without the operator having to change locomotives,” – Sabrina Soussan, CEO of Siemens Mobility

About the Vectron Dual mode

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