[CH] New TILO trains on tests in Switzerland [updated]

This article shows you EMUs no. RABe 524 301 and RABe 524 302. Logos and special striping are still missing, but these are two of nine new trains for SBB that will be used for TILO services. When the Ceneri base tunnel will be inaugurated, in 2020, more trains are needed in the Swiss-Italian border region. 

This article was originally posted on 23.09.2019 and updated on 21.10.2019 (new picture added). We thank Jeroen de Vries and Gunther Lange for sharing their pictures with us.


The picture below shows RABe 524 301 on tests at Landquart station (CH):

RABe 524 301 at Landquart station 19.10.2019 Photo by: Gunther Lange


RABe 524 302 with a test train along the Zugersee lake. (It turns out is the Zugersee, not the Immensee. Thank you for remarks.)

ETR 524 302 during a test run along the Zugersee – 19.09.2019 – Jeroen de Vries