[UK] Good to go: TransPennine Express Nova 1 enters commercial service

After the first Nova 3 train entered commercial service in late August, TransPennine Express (TPE) put their first bi-mode Nova 1 train in commercial service on 28.09.2019. 

We thank John Sparrow and Simon Jowett for sharing their photos with us—and Dave Lewarne for his video.

The first Nova 1 train, TPE’s designation for their Hitachi AT-300 trains, entered commercial service on the Newcastle – Liverpool route. The bi-mode train switches from diesel to electric mode and vice versa at York station.

BMMU 802 201 on the 06:03 train from Newcastle to Liverpool caught at York station on 28.09.2019 – Photo: John Sparrow
A closer look at Nova 1 unit 802 201 in rainy York on 28.09.2019 – Photo: Simon Jowett

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