[HR] Train Europe’s Vectron 193 741 is working in Croatia

Vectron 193 741 debuted with a new orange-blue livery earlier this year. We already saw it pulling cross-border freight trains between Romania and Hungary. Now the locomotive makes its first appearance in Croatia.

We thank Josip Petrlić for sharing his nice pictures with us. Check out his Flickr profile to see more of his works.

First, it was sent to Hungary. Now it is seen pulling trains in Croatia. That is fuel tank trains between Šoići (Rijeka) and Sisak Caprag, to be more specific. It is expected that the locomotive will keep working on this relation for 10 days. Here are some pictures, taken in Velika Gorica:

Vectron 193 741 of ELL > Train Europe, seen in Velika Gorica 03.09.2019 Photo: Josip Petrlič

Normally, Train Croatia’s 6-axle, Romanian built locomotives of the LE5100 type are being used for driving these heavy fuel trains. But it looks like Grampet (which owns both Train Europe and Train Croatia) wants to find out if Vectrons would be able to handle them as well.