[RO / HU] ELL 193 741 now in orange/blue Train Europe design [updated x2]

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We thank Razvan Popa, Badics Ádám, Károly Ákos and Bíró Bence for their contribution. The article was originally published on 17.04.2019 and updated on 26.04.2019 and 03.05.2019.

A transformation for ELL lease locomotive 193 741 – It is now orange, blue and sports the logos of Train Europe. This operator is part of the Grampet Group from Romania.

The design may look familiar – Train Hungary for example, part of the same group, uses an identical livery, orange and blue.

Test run between Filiasi and Craiova (RO) on 17.04.2019 – Photo: Razvan Popa

Upadate #1: RO>HU

The locomotive has already made a first crossborder transit. On 24.04.2019 (exactly a week, after it made its first appearance) the orange-blue Vectron was seen stabled at Budapest, Ferencváros station. Now we are eagerly waiting to see it pulling trains. Aren’t you?

193 741 of ELL>Train Europe, seen at Budapest, Ferencváros (HU) 24.04.2019 Photo by Badics Ádám

Update #2: Pulling trains

On 2nd of May the magic happened: 193 741 was seen driving a fuel train. The pictures below show its run through Albertirsa and Mezőkövesd in Hungary:

193 741 of ELL>Train Europe, passing through Mezőkövesd (HU) 02.05.2019 Photo: Bíró Bence
193 741 of ELL>Train Europe, passing through Albertirsa (HU) 02.05.2019 Photo: Károly Ákos