[CZ] New Werbelok: RegioJet 193 227 becomes a movie star

The great thing about advertisement locomotives (a.k.a. ‘Werbeloks’ in German) is that they can promote virtually anything. From hockey championships to famous composers, they are all eye-catching and unique in their own way. Now we have a new rising ‘film star’ from the fleet of RegioJet.

Vectron 193 227 is promoting the Czech comedy production titled ‘3Bobule’ which is due to premiere in cinemas in March 2020. As the name hints it, this is the third part of the film and the producers have surely found an original way of telling their audience about the upcoming release.

We thank Katka Vlasáková‎ for sharing her impression of the RegioJet Werbelok, as seen on 22.08.2019, driving the operator’s RJ 1012 from Košice (SK) to Praha hl.n.:

ELL > RegioJet Vectron 193 227, seen with RJ 1012 from Košice (SK) to Praha hl.n. (CZ) 22.08.2019 Photo: Katka Vlasáková‎

About Vectron 193 227

ELL locomotive 193 227 has been a special one in Regiojet’s fleet for quite a while now. In 2017 it got extra stickers promoting the travel booking website of mother company Student Agency, now replaced by the 3Bobule design.

And since Railcolor we are passionate not only about visuals and design, but also about locomotive data, here is a sum up from the locomotive’s file from our database:

  • NVR Number: 91 80 6193 227-6 D-ELOC
  • Year of construction: 2015
  • Works number: 21961
  • Country package: A01
  • Previously hired to: SBB Cargo International and ecco-rail.

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