[Analysis / Expert] All Siemens Vectron and Smartron configurations listed

Often, in the news, we mention special codes to describe the specific package of a Siemens Vectron locomotive. A01, A17, B14, C04 for example. What do these codes mean?

On this page we list all the known configuration codes for Siemens Vectron locomotives. It only concerns the ‘main codes’, so letter A/B/C/D plus 2 digits. Many configurations have subtypes, some examples:

  • CD Cargo 383 001-012 = A01-1d
  • MRCE X4E 620-629 = A10-2d
  • S Rail Lease 383 201-210 = A17-1c
  • DB 193 300-359 = A22-4e
  • MRCE X4E 700-709 = A22-5f
  • ÖBB 1293 001-047 = A35-1a
  • Railpool 193 990 = B16-2b
  • MRCE 191 028 = C04-d
  • EGP 192 101 = D02-2b

Siemens helps us a lot by releasing its new Vectron from work, with white A4 papers behind the front window showing the Vectron production number, the exact configuration (on most locomotives) and the works number. MRCE X4E-622 is Vectron no. 663, version A10-2d and Siemens 22502:

MRCE X4E-622 in Hegyeshalom on 08.01.2019 – Herbert Pschill

Serbia Cargo 193 903 is no. 677, version A26-1a and Siemens 22516:

Author: Siemens Mobility

Siemens Vectron main configuration list:

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