[HU] DB Cargo Vectrons (and a blue TRAXX) – in Hegyeshalom

Hegyeshalom. That magical place in Hungary where one can see locomotives from different parts of Europe on tests. This time it’s DB Cargo in focus, plus an all blue TRAXX electric. Let’s have a look.

DB Cargo Vectrons

First, we have a foursome of DB Cargo Vectrons, awaiting authorization for operation in Hungary, lead by 193 369:

A closer look at DB Cargo Vectron 193 369 at Hegyeshalom (HU), 25.07.2019 Photo: Dani Szabó

The locomotives in the picture are, 193 369, 370, 380 and 371. Since April of this year, DB Cargo is sending all its new Vectrons, one by one, to Hungary to get authorized. Interesting about this quartet is that the 369/370/371 have a A10 package, and the 380 is a A35-version Vectron.

The Constantin Group-owned ASEA-designed 43 109 was seen next to the red Vectrons. This locomotive is currently working for AWT:

Constantin Grup > AWT 43 0109, together with the DB Vectrons at Hegyeshalom (HU), 25.07.2019 Photo: Dani Szabó

186 943 of LTE

Dani brings us another interesting picture from the same location. It shows LTE’s brand new TRAXX MS2e 186 943, taken during running authorization tests between Hegyeshalom and Öttevény:

LTE’s TRAXX MS2e 186 943 on trials between Hegyeshalom and Öttevény (HU) 25.07.2019 Photo: Dani Szabó