[EU / Expert] Railcolor Modern Locomotive News (19/19)

It is big, it is white, it has six axles… and it’s in this week in Railcolor’s Locomotive Weekly – part 19/19. 


  • New locomotives Siemens
  • New locomotives Bombardier
  • statistics updates
  • Remarkable spots
  • Akiem Astrides in Komarom
  • Captrain Vectrons retrofit
  • View from above on DB Regio and DB Fernverkehr 147s
  • ELP EuroDual in Sweden + statistics
  • HSL Logistik and Mathias Oestreich present: the NightRider
  • 247 902 in Austria
  • DB Cargo Deutschland: more 185s sold?
  • Express Group 390 001 sidelined
  • Noah’s Train in Rome
  • InRail inaugurates new workshop
  • ÖBB Vectron in Rostock
  • ÖBB 1216 019 is the new Leonardo da Vinci locomotive
  • Railpool 5170 013 revision
  • Barbara from Stern & Hafferl
  • PKP Cargo announces tender for new six-axle electrics
  • Dragon it is: Laude signs locomotive contract with Newag
  • RIP Nightpiercer


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