[IT] TRAXX DC3 for Mercitalia Rail: production is accelerating

At the beginning of March, Mercitalia Rail officially presented its TRAXX DC3 locomotive. A month later we are observing production in Bombardier’s plant in Vado Ligure running ‘at full steam’. What will the future bring?

We thank Francesco Bochicchio (check out his Instagram) and Peider Trippi for sharing their pictures with us.

It’s springtime and life around us seems to be accelerating. The production of TRAXX DC3s in Bombardier’s Italian assembly plant in Vado Ligure is no exception – it is running at full steam:

Pantographs up: 494 002, 004 and 006 ready for delivery to Mercitalia Rail in Vado Ligure (IT) 28.03.2019 Photo: Francesco Bochicchio

More and more red and silver machines are being produced, many of them are not numbered yet – such as 494 012:

494 012 of Mercitalia next to 494 505 in the Vado Ligure factory (IT) Photo: Francesco Bochicchio

Some of the locomotives that have been recorded in the recent weeks include: 002, 004, 005, 006, 012, and 022. Spoiler alert: also, a first black DC3 for GTS Rail has been spotted.

494 005 of Mercitalia Rail 07.04.2019 Photo: Peider Trippi

To find out more about Bombardier’s TRAXX DC3 design, make sure to check out our dedicated dossier of this locomotive – you’ll find all the articles in there.

A side view of 494 002, 494 004 is seen behind 28.03.2019 Photo: Francesco Bochicchio