[RS] Vectron locomotives for Serbia Cargo – the first pictures

Earlier this year, Serbia Cargo announced its order for eight multi-system Vectron locomotives from Siemens. Last week company representatives visited the Siemens plant in Allach to inspect the production of their new locomotives.

193 905 in the production line 19.11.2018 Author: Siemens Mobility

Serbia Cargo states that 91 80 6 193 903-2 D-SKG is the first locomotive from the fleet:

193 903 as seen on 28.11.2018 Author: Siemens Mobility

The 193 903, 905 and three more are visible in the pictures published. From this we can deduct that the eight machines will be the designated 193 903-910.

Serbia Cargo Vectrons production line 16.11.2108 Author: Siemens Mobility

That the locomotives are sporting German (LZB) numbers is of no surprise. After all, the state operator will use the Vectrons for cross-border operations. Click here to check our overview of LZB designations of non-German Vectrons.

The Serbia Cargo delegation in front of 193 903 Author: Siemens Mobility