[RS] In the picture: Six more Serbia Cargo Vectrons on the road

Six more Vectron locomotives are ready to be handed over to Serbia Cargo. This article shows their transit across Germany, Austria, and Hungary, which took place last week.

We thank Marcus Schrödter‎, Andreas Kepplinger, Herbert Pschill, Prohászka Csaba, Norbert Tilai and Dani Szabó for sharing their pictures with us and making this ‘Railcolor community’ report possible.

At the beginning of the year, the news broke out: Serbia Cargo doubled its Vectron MS order to a total of 16 locomotives. Last week we saw the third batch of red-blue-white Vectrons on their way from Siemens’ factory in Munich-Allach, to Hegyeshalom in Hungary. The exact numbers are 193 911 to 914 plus 917 and 918. They are all part of the second batch of 8 Vectrons, equipped with the A26 package. And yes, there are two more to go: 915 and 916.


We start off with a picture from Germany. Marcus Schrödter‎ caught the six locomotives in the misty morning of 22.11.2019 near Traunstein:

The Vectron train on its way from Munich-Allach to Hegyeshalom, seen near Traunstein (DE) 22.11.2019 Author: Marcus Schrödter‎


Austria followed, we bring you a view captured by Andreas Kepplinger near St. Valentin, 193 917 is leading the train:

Vectron 193 917, 918. 911, 913, 914, and 912 on the way to Hegyeshalom, seen at St. Valentin (AT), 22.11.19 Photo: Andreas Kepplinger

More colors were added to the view at Salzburg main station, where Herbert Pschill captured the following view:

Passing through Salzburg Hbf. (AT) 22.11.2109 Photo: Herbert Pschill

Time for a scenic shot from Austria, this time by Prohászka Csaba:

The Serbia Cargo Vectron train, seen between Himberg and Gramatneusiedl (AT) 22.11.2019 Author: Prohászka Csaba


In Hungary, the locomotive train was pulled by MRCE > DB Cargo ES 64 U2-063. It was placed in front of 193 917, leaving in focus 193 912, which was at the end of the train:

The Serbia Cargo Vectron train x6 passing through Győr (HU) – a view from the back 23.11.2019 Photo: Norbert Tilai

A few detailed vies from Győr, as brought by Norbert Tilai: ES64U2 063 at the front, and a detailed shot of 193 917:

We conclude our photo report with this beautiful sunset view from Mosonmagyaróvár in Hungary, which was sent to us by Dani Szabó:

Serbia Cargo 193 912 at the back of the train, seen
at Mosonmagyaróvár (HU) 23.11.2019 Photo: Dani Szabó