[RS] Srbija Kargo is about to orders 8 Vectron MS locomotives [updated]

Update 27.05.2018: The EUR 32 million contract between Srbija Kargo and Siemens was signed and sealed on the 24.05.2018 with an expected delivery by March 2019. We have now updated our impression according to the HO scale model of the locomotive that was showcased during the ceremony.

Srbija Kargo has successfully finished the negotiations for the purchase of a total of eight Vectron locomotives from Siemens. The company has opted for the MS variant of the locomotive, which will enable cross border operations.

In a recent interview for the Serbian press, the CEO of Srbija Kargo, Dušan Garibović, shared that the Serbian national freight operator has completed the negotiations phase for the purchase of eight multi-system Vectrons from Siemens. The order will be financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is related to a tender dating back from 2010. The new locomotives will be ready for use in Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Germany.

In the last 6 months the national freight operator has shown continuous efforts for optimization and reforms. This April the company announced a tender for the repair of 31 electric locomotives, series 461 which will be funded once again by the EBRD. The operator is also planning the overhaul of 1100 freight wagons, but this time with own financing.

And since we are well familiar with the eye-catching red ŽS series 444/461, we decided to share our impression of what the Serbian Vectrons could look like.

Impression by Railcolor – there is no relation to Siemens or Srbija Kargo.