[CZ] CD Cargo 383 009 ‘100 years independent Czech(o)slovakia’

At the end of October, Siemens delivered Vectron no.9 to Czech freight operator ČD Cargo; 383 009. The locomotive did not have a customer specific livery yet. The white painted machine got a full wrap during the past 10 days, of a special design.

CD Cargo 383 009 in Bad Schandau on 25.10.2018 – Photo: Stefan Rother

The two-tone blue base livery of ČD Cargo is combined with the flag of the Czech Republic. This tricolor addition is done to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Czech Republic and Slovakia as independent countries (together).

ČD locomotive 380 004 has a livery with the same theme.

ČD Cargo 383 009 on 11.11.2018 -Photo: Jakub Skoupy