[CZ] 383 009-8: A new ČD Cargo Vectron in blank livery [updated]

Yesterday, the latest member of the ČD Cargo Vectron fleet arrived in the Czech Republic. Locomotive 383 009-8 (Siemens X4-622 / 22461) was transported to the Ústí nad Labem depot by it’s older Škoda type 76E future colleague – ČD Cargo 372 013.

As seen below, the locomotive is still in ‘blank livery’. We expect that a specific ČD Cargo design will be applied soon. The picture was taken in the city of Ústí nad Labem, on the 25.10.2018 by Dalibor Palko, whom we would like to thank for sharing it with us.

383 009 in Ústí nad Labem, 25.10.2018 – Author: Dalibor Palko
CD Cargo 383 009 in Bad Schandau on 25.10.2018 – Photo: Stefan Rother

383 009 is one of 4 additional Vectron locomotives that the Czech state operator is adding to its Vectron fleet, which will eventually amount to 12 locomotives. This summer, ČD Cargo also ordered 10 TRAXX MS3 electrics, which are due to arrive in 2019-2020.

Update 02.11.2018: a new livery for 009 – ‘100 years independent Czech(oslovakia)’