[CZ] New: 380 004 ‘100 years independent Czech(oslovakia)’ [update+correction]

The 109E Karoq locomotive is no more. 380 004 has a new full livery, themed ‘100 years independent Czech(oslovakia)’. Although the Czech Republic and Slovakia are no longer one country, they are independent countries together since 1918. 

Paha Bálint caught the locomotive on 08.09.2018 with his camera with train EC272 ‘Metropolitan’, near Vác in Hungary.

[Update 09.09.2018] Samuel Kovár also caught the locomotive with the same train, but in Brodské (SK):

CD 380 004 is seen passing through Brodské (SK)
with train EC272 Csárdás. 08.09.2018 Author: Samuel Kovár

CD 380 series locomotives with full promotional liveries:

CD 380 004 with EC272 ‘Metropolitan’ near Vác (HU) – 08.09.2018 – Photo: Paha Bálint‎