[CZ/SK] In the picture: Skoda Karoq Expres

From 05.10.2017 to 14.10.2017, car manufacturer Škoda orginized a special train connecting Prague and Bratislava. Once a day, the 3-car “Škoda Expres” took employees to Bratislava for the introduction of the new Karoq SUV. During the first days, ČD locomotive 380 004 was used the pull the train. This machine was then reassigned to the normal REX and EC services again, and a second ČD ‘Karoq Expres’ locomotive was introduced: 362 169.

Both locomotives have the same white/orange promo livery with one white and one orange cab. The three coaches used for the train, of which one was a restaurant car, got stickers in a similar fashion. More than enough reason for many top photographers to take up their camera and find a good location for a “Karoq Expres” portrait. We made collection:

On 05.10.2017 the “Karoq Expres” ran for the first time, from Prague central station to Bratislava-Nove Mesto. CD 380.004 pulled the train during the first day of service. – Bratislava – Photo: Herbert Pschill
The “Karoq Express” consist has three coaches. The one at the end of the train is a former Austrian restaurant car, the designated A-CD 6181 8890 206-7 WRmz – Bratislava – 05.10.2017 – Photo: Herbert Pschill
CD 380 004 with Ex 10024 “Karoq Expres” on the ‘red bridge’ at Bratislava-Zelezna Studienka on 06.10.2017 – Photo: Lukáš Hučko

CD 380 004 ‘Karoq Expres’ leaving Bratislava in the afternoon – Photo: Nino Belovič
The exact same location, Bratislava, now with CD 362 162 – Photo: Juraj Streber
Last one, the CD 362 on 09.10.2017 arriving at Bratislava. – Photo: Herbert Pschill