[EU] ‘DACHINL’ – new MRCE locomotives enter service

Last week we wrote about the newest batch of MRCE Vectron’s entering service. X4 E-700, 701 and 702 are the first machines with DE-AT-CH-IT-NL package for the leasing company that are now in revenue service. These are part of the batch X4 E-700 to 709 – Ten more with the same configuration are on order.

TX Logistik and BoxXpress are amongst the first customers for MRCE for these locos. Nice: the 702 was used for pulling a Flixtrain: 

We thank Martin Voigt, Herbert Pschill and Achim Scheil for their contributions. Do you have pictures of the newest locomotives, of special trains or events, feel free so send an email to hello@railcolornews.com

MRCE X4 E-702 in Trautmannsdorf an der Leitha (AT) on 16.10.2018 – Photo: Herbert Pschill
MRCE X4 E-700 in Boisheim on 16.10.2018 – Photo: Achim Scheil
MRCE X4E-702 and Flixtrain 1817 on 18.10.2018 near Kerzell – Photo: Martin Voigt