[EU] A new design for RTB Cargo – this is the 186 297 ‘Aachen’

We are currently working hard on a new design project together with RTB Cargo. The German freight operator asked us to design new liveries for its TRAXX locomotives with specific city themes. This week we completed the design of Railpool 186 297 ‘Aachen’. Over the past two days, the locomotive was used to pull the ‘Nürnberg’ shuttle from Rotterdam and back.

We thank Arnold de Vries and Leo Stoffel for these great shots

Railpool > RTB Cargo 186 297 ‘Aachen’ in Dülken on 07.09.2018 – Photo: Arnold de Vries
Railpool > RTB Cargo 186 297 ‘Aachen’ in Koblenz on 07.09.2018 – Photo: Leo Stoffel

Coming this week