[SE] Chasing waterfalls: Green Cargo Transmontana locomotives get names

Since July Swedish rail freight operator Green Cargo is the proud owner of two Softronic Transmontana locomotives. Earlier this year, Green Cargo asked its employees to come up with names for the new six-axle machines. Magnus Gyllström, instructor in Nässjö, won the contest with the idea to name the locos after waterfalls across Sweden (and Norway). 

The names for the Mb 4001 and 4002 are Njupeskär and Tännforsen. Njupeskär is the tallest waterfall in Sweden with a 93 meter drop, while Tännforsen is a tall one in Åre (Jämtland). Both are located in the regions where the new locomotives will operate.

Magnus Gyllström states that waterfalls are symbols of beauty, nature and are powerful – values that also fit the new locomotives well. Plus, most of the energy Green cargo is using comes from hydropower, so that is a link as well.

In the second half of 2019, Softronic will deliver another six Transmontana locomotives to Green Cargo. All the names listed:

  • Njupeskär (Dalarna)
  • Tännforsen (Jämtland)
  • Stora Sjöfallet (Jokkmokk)
  • Silverfallet (Skövde)
  • Stalpet (Aneby)
  • Älgafallet (Tanum/Halden)
  • Ristafallet (Undersåker)
  • Hallamölla (Tomelilla)

Railcolor: We have not seen yet how and where on the locomotives the names will be applied.

Green cargo Mb 4001 and 4002 in July – Photo: Green Cargo
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