[RO] In the picture: CTV 189 701 returned to Romania

REV Lz 18.07.2018 – The R1 revision date of CTV’s ES64F4 locomotive no. 189 701. As we did not have the chance to examine these exotic multi-system electrics closely, it was time for a portrait. 

We thank Herwig Gerstner and Andreas Kepplinger for their support

CTV 189 701 arriving in Austria on 24.04.2018 – Photo: Andreas Kepplinger


On 11.10.2008, Gabriel Stanciu, then the sales manager of Siemens Mobility Romania, announced that they had signed a contract with Cargo Trans Vagon (CTV) from Romania to deliver two Eurosprinter ES64F4 locomotives. The agreement had already been signed in July 2008.

189 700-8 and 189 701-6 were built and released from work in 2009. They have silver-painted bodies with blue frames and yellow roofs. They are the only two ES 64 F4-type locomotives with the ‘class 189-VR’ configuration, which theoretically makes them operable in Germany, Austria, and Romania. However, locomotives are exclusively used for domestic services in Romania.

The two ES 64 F4 were part of a 20-loco batch (Siemens 21608-21617) built in advance before finding final customers for all the machines. Other machines from this batch were sold to Locon, MTEG, WLE, Express Group, PKP Cargo, and MRCE. It took until 2017 before Siemens sold the last two, the white 189 822 and 823, to DB Cargo. These machines still have their neutral white livery from their ‘stock locomotive’ period.

About CTV

Cargo Trans Vagon’s fleet comprises old (refurbished) and new diesel and electric locomotives. After acquiring the two 189s, CTV bought two Siemens ER20 diesel locos. Recently, the company acquired two Transmontana locos from Softronic.