[DE] Two MRCE ES64F4s with the logos of Eurasian Railway Carrier

Every now and then a new name arrives among the operators of leased locomotives. Sometimes they apply their logos to the new rolling stock. Such is the case with Eurasian Railway Carrier (ERC), who recently decorated two Siemens ES64F4 electrics from MRCE. 

Eurasian Railway Carrier (ERC) is a joint-venture created between Rail Transportation Service Broker (RTSB), Belintertrans-Germany (Belint, founded by the Belarussian railways), and Polish rail freight operator Ecco Rail.

ERC from Wroclaw (Poland) is a licensed operator in Poland and Germany that provides traction for New Silk Road trains of the RTSB Group. It connects German, Hungarian, and Belgian terminals with China – via the Poland-Belarus border crossing at Malaszewice / Brest.

ERC has recently added two MS locomotives from MRCE; ES64F4-803 and 805. They got white/blue logos on both sides (in Zbaszynek – PL). Ralf Büker managed to capture both of them running between Aachen West and Frankfurt (Oder):

MRCE ES64F4-803 in Löhne-Gohfeld – train from Aachen West Rbf to Frankfurt (Oder) – 21.08.2020 – Ralf Büker
MRCE ES64F4-805 in Minden – train from Aachen West Rbf to Frankfurt (Oder) – 28.08.2020 – Ralf Büker