[RO] CTV acquires Trans Montana locomotive from Softronic

A remarkable change of colors: Softronic Trans Montana locomotive no. 480 007 has lost its orange/grey/white livery and has been repainted in silver and blue. It sports the keeper marking RO-CTV, telling us the machine has a new operator: S.C. Cargo Trans Vagon (CTV) from Bucharest in Romania.

It is the third livery for the designated 91 53 0480 007-0. The machine was built in red and grey for the Transferoviar Grup, but after completion it was leased to MMV from Hungary instead. This has now come to an end. MMV returned to machine to Softronic and the manufacturer sold the 007 to CTV.

The 007 now got a full repaint in silver with blue and yellow details, similar to class 40 electrics CTV has in its fleet.

The full list of Softronic Trans Montana locomotives can be found on Railcolor.net

CTV ‘480 007’ – Photo: Softronic