[FR / Expert] VFLI and Alpha Trains order EuroDual and Euro4001 [updated]

actu-transport-logistique.fr reports: News from France: Rail freight operator VFLI has decided to add new six-axle locomotives to its fleet, to be built by Stadler Rail in Valencia. The contract was signed on 31.05.2018:

  • VFLI will acquire 1 EuroDual locomotive, costing around 5,5 million euro
  • VFLI will acquire 3 Euro4001 diesel locomotives
  • VFLI will hire 9 Euro4001 diesel locomotives from Alpha Trains for a period of 5-10 years

There are the first orders for the Euro4001 diesel locomotive that we know of. This type is the successor of the Euro4000 that was developed when the Valencia factory was owned by Vossloh.

The EuroDual will be a dual mode locomotive for 1,5 kV DC and 25kV AC voltage systems which will also feature a 2,8 MW diesel engine (CAT C175). A prototype with the same parameters has been tested in Romania, France and Belgium:

The EuroDual prototype – Photo: Stadler Rail

Update 07.06.2018: press release by Stadler Rail

Stadler Rail has released a press statement, containing various extra details about the new deal:

  • The EuroDual locomotive for VFLI will be the prototype which is currently used for homologation
  • The 13 new locomotives will be used in France and Belgium
  • New: Alpha Trains is now expanding its business in France
  • EuroDual: under 25kV AC and at 1.5kV DC with a power of up to 7000kW
  • EuroDual: diesel engine rated at 2,800 kW Stage IIIB
  • Euro4001: diesel engine rated at 2,800 kW EC 26/2004 Stage IIIB and Stage V emission levels
Impression of the Euro4001 – Stadler Rail

Stadler Rail and VFLI

VFLI has proven to be a loyal customer to Stadler Rail (Vossloh) over the past years. The company has continuously expanded its fleet with Euro4000 diesel locomotives since 2013. It owns seven such machines and hires twelve more from Beacon Rail Leasing. An overview:

  • owned by VFLI: E 4027 – E 4028 and E 4050 – E 4053
  • leased from Beacon Rail: E 4017 – E 4022 and E 4043 – E 4048

Last but not least, we made an impression of a EuroDual locomotives in VFLI colours:

Impression by Railcolor – There is no relation to Stadler Rail nor VFLI
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