[EU] +1: Stadler Rail presents the Euro4001 diesel-electric locomotive

During the Transport & Logistic exhibition last week we stumbled upon a new member of Stadler Rail’s locomotive platform: the ‘Euro4001’. It is the ‘diesel-only’ version of Stadler’s new locomotive platform for continental Europe that succeeds the very successful Euro 4000 series.

The proposed exterior design of the Euro 4001 resembles that of the EuroDual loco family. We see a silver painted rendering of a six-axle locomotive with a grey painted frame. Stadler states the Euro4001 is based on the subsystems and components used for the Euro4000 and EuroLight models. It is a multipurpose, diesel-electric, six-axle locomotive for both freight and passenger services. It has an AC-traction system with IGBT inverters.

Biggest change compared to its predecessor however is the different prime mover. In stead of the ancient but very reliable 16-710 G3C-U2 diesel engine from EMD, Stadler now proposes to install a Caterpillar C175-16 with up to 3.000 kW power, providing the Euro4001 with 500 kN starting tractive effort and a top speed of 160 km/h. The reason to replace the EMD-engine is simple, the old engine is not compliant with the now mandatory EC26/2004 Stage IIIB emission norms, the Caterpillar engine is.

Until now, the Euro4001 only exists on paper. Its predecessor Euro4000 is still being built. Let’s see what the future will bring.

Impression: Stadler Rail