[FR] In the picture: The Alpha Trains > Captrain France Euro 4001 in action

Railcolor News recently published a detailed overview of all the Alpha Trains and Captrain France Euro 4001s. But seeing these modern diesel locomotives in action is a whole different story.

On 29.03.2021, our photo-correspondent from France, Pierre Colson, captured the following sight near Monceau-St-Waast featuring E4001-3971 with a freight service between Givet and Goussainville:

E4001-3971 of Alpha Trains > Captrain, seen near Monceau-St-Waast (FR) on 29.03.2021 Photo credit: Pierre Colson
Alpha Trains > Captrain France E4001-3971 on 14.03.2021 – Jean-Claude Mons

To learn more about the combined Euro 4001 fleet of Alpha Trains and Captrain, check out the dedicated Expert resources on Railcolor News. Curious fact: their original livery red was red, find out what happened:

[FR / Expert] Alpha Trains and Captrain France Euro 4001 – data update