[PL] Contract signed: Newag to deliver 20 (+10) electrics to PKP IC

Today, Newag and PKP IC signed the deal for the delivery of twenty electric locomotives for passenger services. The contract has a value of 367 million zloty. There is an option to order ten more electrics, which could increase the contract value to a 551 million zloty. This marks the conclusion of a very unpredictable tender process.

Newag now has to deliver twenty machines within thirty months. The manufacturer will also be responsible for service and maintenance for the first sixty months of service.

Newag will deliver and updated version of its Griffin locomotive design. Currently PKP IC as leasing two Griffin locomotives from Newag (E4DCUd-004 and -005). These have already travelled a 80.000 km in service of PKP IC, resulting in valuable feedback to be used for the development of the new locos.

PKP IC wants to deploy the locomotives on lines such as:

  • Prze­myśl – Lublin – War­szawa – Byd­goszcz – Gdynia/Piła – Kołobrzeg/Gorzów Wielkopolski
  • Suwałki – Białystok/Lublin – War­szawa – Poznań – Szczecin/Gorzów Wielkopolski/Zielona Góra
Photo: Newag
Newag lease E4DCUd-005 is now hired to PKP IC – The locomotive seen at Warszawa-Wschodnia on 11.03.2018 at Photo: Adam Kilian