[BE] So, how is that Eurodual locomotive doing? [updated]

Yes lately we got that question, where is that huge six-axle dual mode locomotive? What is its status? Well, the locomotive is in Belgium. In September 2017 the machine was transported from Romania to France after the first dynamic trials at the  Faurei test center were completed. On 23.01.2018 the machine arrived at Schaarbeek depot in Belgium.

On 14.03.2018, the silver-blue locomotive was seen in Namur. That day, and the two days that followed, test runs were being made between Erquelinnes (BE) – Jeumont (FR) and Virton (BE) – Mont-Saint-Martin (FR) on the Athus-Meuse Line. All tests were in diesel mode only.

More details about this locomotive can be found on MainlineDiesels.net

EuroDual ‘6001’ at Namur on 14.03.2018 – Photo: Terrence Labar
23.03.2018 in Namur – Photo: Terrence Labar