[SK] S Rail Lease Vectron locomotives arrive in Slovakia [updated]

On 16.11.2017 the first of ten Vectron locomotives for S Rail Lease arrived in Slovakia, in Bratislava to be more precise. All machines will be leased to the Slovakian State railways (ZSSK) and will receive a new ZSSK livery for this purpose.

Although a final livery design for the new 383.1s is circulating on the internet, and although stated otherwise, this is not yet the final design.

Awaiting further transport to Slovakia – S Rail lease 383 101 at Passau on 16.11.2017 – Photo: Herbert Pschill
S Rail lease 383 101 has arrived at Bratislava-Petržalka in the evening of 16.11.2017 – Photo: Vladislav Bokora

Update: On 27.11.2017 S Rail Lease 383 102 and 103 were the next two machines to arrive at Bratislava.

383 102 and 103 SK-RAILL at Bratislava-Petržalka on 27.11.2017 – Vladislav Bokora