[CZ] ČD presents the design for its Prague – Berlin – Hamburg Vectron locomotives

Yesterday we released our own impression, today we present to you the official design proposal. České dráhy (ČD) has released its preferred design for the ten Vectron locomotives it will be leasing from ELL. Starting with this years time table change in December, ten machines should be available to ČD.

Design impression: Railroader magazine / Železničář.cd.cz

The locomotives are leased from ELL for intended use on the Prague – Dresden – Berlin – Hamburg Eurocity (EC) trains. The livery design thus depicts a silhouette of each city mentioned.

At first, the Vectron locomotives will only be used between Prague and Dresden, as ČD’s partner on the German part of the route, Deutsch Bahn, needs more time for driver training. First through services with Vectron locomotives are expected to be introduced mid-2018