[PL] Take a look inside the new Pesa Elf 2 passenger train

Pesa is currently completing the dynamic testing phase of its new EMU platform, named Elf 2. Time to take a closer look, and get inside this new generation trains for regional and urban transport.

The EMU portrayed in this post is en Elf 2 for Koleje Slaskie, an operator for which we have seen 2-car versions (series 34WEa) and 3-car trains (series 21WEa) up until now. Until now, Pesa has received orders from three different operators, all from Poland:

21WEa-002 is a 3-car EMU for Koleje Śląskie – Photo: Pesa
Blue coloured upholstery, light grey colours for floor and wall – Photo: Pesa
Photo: Pesa
The toilet – accessible to all – Photo: Pesa
The drivers’ work place – Photo: Pesa

The Elf 2 trains have the same KS livery as the older Elf type trains – Photo: Pesa
Photo: Pesa