[PL] Podkarpackie is the second operator to order Pesa’s ELF 2

Pesa will provide seven EMUs type ELF 2 to Podkarpackie. The Polish region is the second customer to order ELF 2 trains after Koleje Śląskie.

In Poland, trains are built fast. Delivery of the first train is scheduled for 30.06.2017, with the second one arriving one month later. On 31.03.2018, the batch should be complete.

After ordering Newag Impuls trains, now Pesa is the winner:

  • 1x Newag Impuls 3-car in 2013 (36WE type, EN63 series)
  • 2x Newag Impuls 2-car in 2014 (37WE type, EN98 series)
  • 1x Newag Impuls 3-car in 2015 (36WEa type, EN63A series)
  • and now Pesa ELF 2