[PL] Zachodniopomorskie receives first Impuls trains; golden Impuls with ETCS2

In September 2016, Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship (a.k.a. West-Pomeria) placed an order with Newag for seventeen Impuls EMUs. On 29.05.2017 the first three trains arrived at Szcze­cin main station for the offical hand-over ceremony.

Photo: Newag

The first tree EMUs are the designated 36WEa/EN63a 031-033 and are 3-car trains. In total twe­lve 3-car and five 4-car EMUs will be delivered. Newag will also deli­ver a simu­la­tor for driver training. There is an option for thirteen additional sets.

Unit no. 031 has a special golden livery. The train is the first in Poland to feature ETCS level 2 and, as such, is granted full access to the Polish rail network by the Polish office for rail transport (Urząd Trans­portu Kole­jo­wego – UTK).

As of this month, the Gol­den Train is running on routes in West Pome­ra­nia, and in par­ti­cu­lar, to desti­na­tions loca­ted along the coast line. Zachodniopomorskie will give hints where and when the gold train will be used. The livery is a gimmick referring to the saga of the mysterious ‘gold train’ that should be hidden somewhere in Poland, but has not been found until now.

Photo: Newag
Photo: Newag
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