[CH] SBB Cargo International: Long-term rental of 18 new Siemens Vectron locomotives

  • Multisystem Vectron locomotives for DE-AT-CH-IT
  • Delivery starting in December 2017
  • To be operated by SBB Cargo International

Traffic growth, competition intensity and the new level-track rail route following the opening of the Gotthard base tunnel call for new multisystem locomotives for international, transalpine rail freight services. SBB Cargo International’s solution is to rent 18 Siemens Vectron multisystem locomotives for 15 years.

Multisystem locomotives are essential for continuous traction from the North Sea to Italy, given the new level-track rail route and the opening of the Gotthard base tunnel. SBB Cargo International has been using similar locomotives in the domestic German market for some time now, and is convinced by their performance range. It is now a question of applying this knowledge to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of transalpine services, and gradually achieving an acceptable ecological footprint while networking European industry and supplying built-up areas along the North/South axis.

The rental of 18 multisystem locomotives has opened the door to a more interoperable railway era. SBB Cargo International conducted a formal tender process between all relevant providers and selected Siemens and its Vectron locomotives. SBB Cargo International is thus adjusting the portfolio mix of its locomotive fleet and placing a strong focus on even more interoperability, supplementing the locomotives already operating across the borders.

SBB Cargo International is currently operating several Vectron locomotives, leased from ELL. Picture: SBB Cargo International

As part of this project, the railway undertaking is entering into new forms of financing in cooperation with Reichmuth Infrastruktur Schweiz. Reichmuth has founded the company LokRoll AG and is renting the locomotives to SBB Cargo International. For the procurement of the locomotives, SBB Cargo International is acting as a partner to Reichmuth in terms of procurement management, project management, acceptance of the locomotives and management of the warranty, registration and asset management.

Source: SBB Cargo International

Siemens: The new locomotives will be used for cross-border operation along the Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Italy corridor. In addition to having national train control systems, all locomotives will also be equipped with the European Train Control System (ETCS). The locomotives will have a maximum output of 6,400 KW and a top speed of 160 km/h. LokRoll will lease the locomotives to the Swiss freight transport firm SBB Cargo International for a period of 15 years.

SBB Cargo International is currently branding many locomotives in its fleet as ‘Alpäzähmer’, or tamer of the Alps, referring to the opening of the Gotthard base tunnel. Picture: SBB Cargo International