[IT] Vectron in disguise – 193 465 after its derailment in Laveno


On the night of 07.06.2023, LokRoll > SBBCI 193 465 ‘Basel’ derailed in Laveno (IT). The accident happened inside the Sasso Galletto tunnel after the train ran into a landslide. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. 

The line Luino – Gallarate had to be closed, but the Italian infrastructure manager RFI responded quickly, clearing and repairing the tracks. Rail services were reinstated on 08.06.2023.

Below is a picture of SBBCI Vectron 193 465 which Mario Sacchelli took three days after the accident. The locomotive was awaiting technical inspection to assess the damage:

LokRoll > SBBCI 193 465 in Laveno on 10.06.2023 © Mario Sacchelli