[DE] Coradia Continental for Saar network

We already brought you the information about the winning operator of the ‘Saar RB’ concession part 2. There must be a part 1 then right? Indeed, and this contract has been awarded to DB Regio. It covers 3,2 Million trainkm/year and DB Regio will be using new Alstom Coradia Continental trains. All lines:

Starting December 2019 for a period of 15 years:
• RB70 (Trier-) Merzig – Saarbrücken – Kaiserslautern
• RB71 (Schweich-) Trier – Saarbrücken – Homburg

Starting December 2020
• RB84 Trier Hafenstraße – Konz – Saarburg (part of the line to be re-activated first)

The artist impression in this article shows us a Coradia Continental sporting the same livery as the VLEXX Lint/Talant3 trains, but with red in stead of blue. The red and the triangles also remind us of the Flirt3 trains of DB Regio Südwest (SUWEX) that are operated in the same area.

Detail of a SUWEX Flirt3 train